OSD 2013 – Castelloli Parking Lot I

The past Sunday 28/7 took place the OSD Round Castelloli. I always like to go to the parkings when there’s a racing event to get some photos of spectators cars. Here are some of the photos of the parking.

IMG_7953 copia

IMG_7755 copia

IMG_7678 copia

IMG_7758 copia

IMG_7914 copia

IMG_7639 copia

IMG_7913 copia

IMG_7921 copia

IMG_7922 copia

IMG_7948 copia

IMG_7949 copia

IMG_7950 copia

IMG_7951 copia

IMG_7952 copia

IMG_7954 copia

IMG_7955 copia

IMG_7956 copia

IMG_7957 copia

IMG_7960 copia

IMG_7958 copia

IMG_7962 copia

IMG_7963 copia

IMG_7964 copia


IMG_7637 copia



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