The feeling when you spot this

IMG_6175 copia

If when you were a child you were influenced by manga cartoons in TV, Nintendo or a 1990 Japanese sedan because of your parents, then you realize you’re just stuck in a world that you can not leave. Your are officially addicted to Japan.

A little later and with the arrival of the adolescence, the wait until the license driver deadline comes is eternal. Patiently the time to drive the family car is coming and when finally time is here after years of waiting yor first car is as you expect a Nissan, in that case Bluebird CA18ET factory equipped. From this point of the story we know how this finish to all those kids that suffered the same scenario.In my case, there where no differences, and that is why I run this blog. But when you are a little bit more older, in your late 20’s, then you try to learn their language bit by bit, eat their food, always using chopsticks even when living in Western Europe, or keep your life around several Japanese things like the maps, posters, lifestyle or ideas. Finally the date for the first trip to the promised land is coming, Japan is awaiting. When suddenly you find yourself walking those streets you feel something weird, but familiar, you feel comfortable, you have no idea why. But there is a good reason: there is nothing new at all, it is the same scenario you have always seen in photos, in films, the hours and hours you have spent in Google Earth Street View walking the cities and towns or the dozens of Anime Series reflecting real buildings, construction style, culture, streets, city design or city furniture is in your brain. And what happen if all these feelings are real? That the car you love is there parked over the next corner. You are now sporadically shocked looking at the jewellery that has been surprised you in the middle of somewhere in Chiba.


IMG_6174 copia

IMG_6181 copia

I have to mention my dear friends of ATJ MOTOR. I know they will be happy for sharing this. Anyway the owner never contacted or at least by now. But I am sure he still has the card.

IMG_6180 copia

IMG_6179 copia

Here there are no parts from eBay or China. No imitations. Just Japan.

IMG_6177 copia

IMG_6176 copiaWhen you have all this feelings, the only you regret is not being the owner of this BNR and start the engine because you were born in the wrong place.



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