SESSIONS PLATINUM 2013 @ Fuji Speedway circuit

Some weeks ago had place in Fuji Speedway Circuit a meeting hosted by a garage located in Yokohama called SESSIONS. The meeting was about VIP cars. A trend killing it today in Japan.

Our friend Cam was there and took awesome pictures in the event, so why not writing a whole post and share it to you?


Okay guys, let us post the pictures, I want to start with Cam’s awesome Mark II which I’d love to make a post only about him and his car…soon for sure.


And here are some of the best pictures from the event, enjoy!

35558_556553007737303_854196292_n 46086_556283914430879_1206046180_n 69026_556301474429123_953448919_n 72925_556320577760546_1750149747_n 164920_556553367737267_966595196_n 261887_556346911091246_1411517968_n 944531_556280164431254_158471737_n 971513_556501554409115_351537414_n 992935_556552937737310_1975765875_n 998350_556323334426937_1976163686_n 999344_556511491074788_1321254452_n 999344_556511491074788_1321254452_ns 1000469_556324227760181_1181142962_n 1001352_556283717764232_801505240_n 1001482_556323424426928_1206818082_n 1004448_556508961075041_475419673_n 1004471_556346591091278_835442781_n 1013175_556324741093463_1684228876_n 1045214_556324474426823_897541879_n 1069840_556323931093544_1408738011_n 1075838_556324611093476_1424914768_n fwj0gtme o69qqo0f



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