Spotted in 金谷 (Kanaya)

Kanaya is located in the Chiba prefecture. It is a small town by the beach. Mostly are old fisher men, a couple of うどん (udon) restaurants and the sporadic traffic by road.

I am remembering a lot of that town and I am really thinking to write a post about this peaceful town. But today there is no time for tourism or roundtrips this will some other day. I will happy if you take some time to appreciate this Hilux and dedicate today’s post to the owner of the Hilux you can see below. Internet is so big but I know sometimes can be so small and who knows if the owner is a regular reader.

IMG_6390 copia

A perfect exterior, wheels, lowrider style, and wooden Nardi steering wheel complete this simple but well made ​​Hilux.

IMG_6389 copia

The truth is that finding this Hilux in such small town was a big surprise. But Japan is just like that and every single corner can hold a little gem waiting to be discover by someone who can appreciate it.

IMG_6391 copia

IMG_6392 copia



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