Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Intro

Hey, this is a bit of an older post. Tokyo Auto Salon happened in January, but I thought I would share some of my own photos which you may not have seen through websites like Speedhunters. First I popped onto a local bus from my house to the nearest largest station to get on a train…DSC_0001


… Shibuya station.DSC_0003

Since it was a Sunday morning, I had to pass quite a few drunk people and some interesting markings to get to the station…DSC_0005

… which is spotless 99% of the time. I love Japanese public transport.DSC_0006

Many trains run underground in Tokyo, but not all of them are considered “metro”. DSC_0007

Once in far far away Chiba, the crowds of people are always easy to follow to Makuhari Messe if you don’t know where exactly it is. DSC_0036 1

The large exhibition halls are right in the middle of just a regular city area.DSC_0043

In the next few posts, I will post up photos from inside all of the arenas.DSC_0314

For the first time ever, they had to open up all of the halls in Makuhari Messe to fit all the entries and people who were expected. I blame this mostly on the huge amount of 86’s displayed, but I’m not complaining.DSC_0378

There were many parts from different companies on display as well.DSC_0386 1

As always, I will post up all the cool things I saw in the parking lot.DSC_0438

If anyone is interested, we can see a little more of this too, but not too much as this is still an automotive blog!DSC_0862There will also be plenty of photos from the D1GP exhibition.



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