Seen in Kyoto Part II

As we saw in Part I of Kyoto-shi or if your still haven’t visited here is the link, Kyoto was a big surprise for me, and I’m not talking about cars you can find in the streets, in general I think Kyoto was the city that most caught my attention. Tokyo is a mention apart.


The second part includes several photographs  taken at the wonderful and quiet streets of Kyoto. Very soon you realize that the city of Kyoto is not like Tokyo, no big crowds here, no major highways or metro and train lines crossing the city everywhere at anytime. Here and contrary to modernity that cities like Tokyo have us used to, Kyoto hasn’t moved at all to modernity and the city has many places to visit and streets to walk to discover every corner of such a beautiful city.

kyoto55 kyoto54kyoto52IMG_4867 copiakyoto50 kyoto49 kyoto48 kyoto47 kyoto46 kyoto45 kyoto44 kyoto43 kyoto42 kyoto41 kyoto40 kyoto39 kyoto38 kyoto37 kyoto36 kyoto35 kyoto34 kyoto33 kyoto32 kyoto31 kyoto30 kyoto29 kyoto28 kyoto27 kyoto26 kyoto25 kyoto24


Now after reading this post you have a more accurate description of what will you find in Kyoto despite the Temples and Parks of course!



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