Monster Event Parking Lot Part I

Here are some of the rides that were in Odaiba in the parking lots on the day of Monster Energy Ken Block’s Tokyo Experience event!



DSC_0094 1

DSC_0095 1

DSC_0099 1

DSC_0102 1

DSC_0104 1

DSC_0107 1

DSC_0108 1

DSC_0109 1

DSC_0113 1

DSC_0115 1

DSC_0118 1

DSC_0123 1

DSC_0125 1

DSC_0127 1

DSC_0128 1

DSC_0137 1

DSC_0143 1

DSC_0145 1

DSC_0150 1There will be part 2 of the parking lot soon!



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