#SSM3 Meeting 2013

Here is another round of photos about SSM3. This time really based on the meeting itself which had only a preview a few weeks ago.

IMG_6743 copia

I would remind you that the event attracted some 400 participants I believe, and that’s males the SSM one of the best events I’ve been enjoying this year.

Maybe not so much for the organization , but due to the high level of the cars displayed or because the fun of the battles of grip.

Just remember that you can find all the photos on Flickr and Facebook.

IMG_6729 copia IMG_6692 copia IMG_7305 copia IMG_6853 copia IMG_6788 copia IMG_6785 copia IMG_6763 copia IMG_7296 copia IMG_6944 copia IMG_6934 copia IMG_6923 copia IMG_6914 copia IMG_6876 copia IMG_6841 copia IMG_6817 copia IMG_6816 copia IMG_6802 copia IMG_7250 copia IMG_7203 copia IMG_7207 copia IMG_7098 copia IMG_7122 copia IMG_7087 copia IMG_7066 copia IMG_7060 copia IMG_6989 copia IMG_6972 copia IMG_6977 copia IMG_6974 copia



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