Seen in Kyoto Part I

One of the cities that has impacted me more was Kyoto. Kyoto is located in the southern part of the island about 500 km from Tokyo. Is big enough to spend 5 or 6 days visiting both temples and the city itself.

kyoto 4

Get there is easy as there are online offers to get train or bus for all budgets, although I think one of the most recommended way to get in Kyoto is taking the night bus that will make you save a night in another hotel.

We all know that this is not a general culture blog so, unless some readers ask me for a non car related photos I will not upload any other photos than those tagged under pure JDM. I have to say that I have many many photos of Kyoto in HDD, so as said above, if you want I will share them.

Is cheap to get accommodation and there is no need to use public transport if you want to walk and find all the secrets the city has hidden. Please if you have the opportunity to travel Japan soon don’t miss Kyoto.

I have said in previous posts, that Japan is not as you may imagine. If you only guide your mind getting information from blogs or forums, then you are wrong. No modified cars on every corner. But you can find interesting cars if you walk around the city of Kyoto enjoying the streets, watching traffic signals, cars, people walking and talking aroung you until these streets of Japan catch you forever, and then you cannot take them off your head ever.

This post is like the part one of three that I’m preparing of Kyoto. One of them is gonna be a big surprise, although sad. The other will be the continuation of this one. But lets see what’s ready for today.

Here is a small sample of what was found in Kyoto, I hope you like them all.


kyoto 1

I have never seen this ^^ before. Led equipped wheels.

kyoto 2

Nobody takes much care of this Gloria.

kyoto 3

Many cars equip a parking pole system. Often from factory and but also with aftermarket parts. Specially cheap in Yellow HAT stores but also very poor quality, I have to say that just 900 YEN.

kyoto 4

kyoto 5

kyoto 6

kyoto 7


Euro Japan

kyoto 8

Is like a Initial D car ready for tonight battle.

kyoto 9

kyoto 10

kyoto 11

kyoto 12

Euro stuff in Kyoto.

kyoto 13

kyoto 14

kyoto 15

And also classics with glamour.

kyoto 16

kyoto 17

kyoto 18

kyoto 19

I have never expected to find this basic E30 turning around the Imperial Palace of Kyoto. It looks to my ex-E30.


Nothing noticeable here. It is just a common Odyssey of many you can find in Japan. Very popular van and also beautiful.




7 thoughts on “Seen in Kyoto Part I

  1. You never can imagine what you can find in the streets of a japanese town… Here is the prove. Awesome post man, the CBA-R35 with the Hot Road just blew up my pants.


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