#ssm3 Cars at track

Do not believe that we had forgotten to upload the rest of SSM3 photos. Here is a selection of the Grip Group. The truth is that there many participants in Grip rounds as well as in Drift. A lot of spectacle to the crowded tribune. At all times during the weekend, the track had cars running on.


Racers delighted spectators even during the saturday night. The weekend was long enough to enjoy several activities but certainly I also enjoy the sun, with my friends and nice cars.

There are still many more pictures to come out so watch for news.

IMG_7225 IMG_7224 IMG_6932 IMG_6931 IMG_6930 IMG_6929 IMG_6928 IMG_6687 IMG_6682 IMG_6653 IMG_6652 IMG_6639 IMG_7288 IMG_7287 IMG_7286 IMG_7284 IMG_7282 IMG_7280 IMG_7279 IMG_7277 IMG_7276 IMG_7275 IMG_7274 IMG_7273 IMG_7272 IMG_7270 IMG_7269 IMG_7265 IMG_7249 IMG_7248 IMG_7247 IMG_7246 IMG_7245 IMG_7244 IMG_7243 IMG_7242 IMG_7241 IMG_7240 IMG_7238 IMG_7237 IMG_7234 IMG_7231 IMG_7230 IMG_7228


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