Cleanest Toyota Chaser JZX100

This amazing car belongs to a Canadian guy called Adam, who is from Edmonton. He currently resides in Yokohama and loves to go to Daikoku Futo to check out other people’s cars, but I’m sure also to show off his own! From the moment he made his way down the famous highway that encircles the parking lot, I knew this was going to be a car I would have fun shooting.



After chatting to Adam for most of the night, I’ve learned that he likes to keep his Chaser very clean, unlike most other JZX body owners, which they use for frequent drift battering.


The exterior is made up of a full Vertex S1 Aero for the JZX100 Chaser. Both the front and rear fenders are custom pieces, which are actually welded onto the body. The rear fenders give way to the wonderful ducktail made possible by the custom trunk, on which the keyhole has been shaved.


The wheels are 18 inch WedsSport Kranze Borphes, supposedly an old set of wheels which are now quite rare. The car sits on Tein coilovers, and while it it looks like it could go even lower than it already sits, the owner is quite happy with how it is right now. He is also afraid not to have the side skirts scraping more than they already are on bumps.


The dirtier bits inside that take care of performance are currently at a minimum. The intake is taken care by A’PEXi. It has an aftermarket clutch and an ATS 2-way LSD. The mean sound is produced with a decently sized Traum cat-back exhaust.


I really, really love this car. I think I completely agree with what the owner has done and kept on this car, and is probably very close to what I would also do to a JZX.


The car was attracting plenty of attention from the few people that were at Daikoku that night, especially when he showed off his new stereo system in the car. Let’s just say the bass was so loud, it ended up attracting cops from the police station a few hundred meters away.


I will move away from Daikoku after this post, but will be back with more pictures later, as this is such a great spot to shoot awesome cars and meet new owners.


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