Hello, everyone. I am a new addition to this blog, and hopefully I will bring in some interesting personal photos as well as whatever else I can contribute. I go to university in Canada but I technically live in Japan. I will be in Tokyo for the whole summer so I will try to bring in many photos of cars and stuff from this summer and from before.


What I love about Japan is its diversity in everything. Many people think Japan is all about seeing drift cars everywhere, but it really isn’t. The structure of Tokyo provides some great photos and places to find and shoot lots of amazing cars.


Japan is a very rich country, and therefore there are many, many rich people driving around super cars of all kinds. There are certain areas of Tokyo where Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, etc are very common, and sometimes you find some rare super cars too, like the McLaren MP4-12C I snapped above.


Then of course, there are the drift cars. This is my good friend’s Toyota Cresta JZX100 which he uses to drift on circuits, and sometimes on the streets too. I will be spending lots of time going around with him this summer and taking photos of his car and also of his friends’ cars.


The rather unusual thing is the growing scene of USDM cars and hot rods. I will post up quite a few photos from the Mooneyes Street Car Nationals show which just took place less than a week ago.

DSC_0163 1

I am looking forward to posting more for your enjoyment.


2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Welcome Marko! ^O^

    Enjoy your stay here, awesome stuff, and that Cresta looks wonderful.


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