Subaru Pleo


I like to post rare stuff sometimes. The Pleo is a kei car from Subaru that as most other cars never went out of Japan. There is nothing special here apart of what I told about the japaneses and the USDM style. Continue reading “Subaru Pleo”

Final Details On The 2013 Eibach Honda Meet…

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Below this is the post that I made a couple weeks back on the event itself. If you’ve already read it before and understand the information provided to you, please read the most recent updated news directly below this sentence..

LATEST NEWS AS OF 5/11/2013:

REGISTRATION CLOSES TOMORROW MAY 12, 2013. If you do not register your vehicle to be parked inside by tomorrow evening, you will not be permitted to participate in the event and will be parked outside of the meet itself. There may be a possibility that you can get a spot the day of the event but there is absolute no guarantee that it will happen. I don’t know why you or your friends would want to wait that long to register anyway. Again, 5/12 is the deadline to register.

Here’s quick diagram showing how traffic will flow. General parking is green and red is show…

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