Seen in Tokyo

Many of you do not know that I had a pleasant trip to Japan last month. I spent 2 weeks visiting Japan. Cities as Tokyo, Nara, Kyoto, Osaka and to a little lovely town named Hamakanaya located in Chiba prefecture.

gtr ueno

I didn’t focused my trip related only to cars. No, I didn’t. I’m sorry. I visited cities, temples, docks, parks and everything you must see if you go to Japan. You should take pictures of Sakura trees and flowers. I walked every city every minute I could, and in some cases like in Nara-shi renting a bike.

Renting I bike while visiting places is just awesome, you can go anywhere in the city without expending any money in transportation and as Japan is one of the most safest countries in the world, you can park your bike wherever you like as soon as is properly parked without disturbing too much.

But I didn’t come here today to write about my bicycles. We all want to see cars. So lets now just speak about car related stuff. I posted today some cars I found in the streets when I was walking Tokyo. Most of you may expect to find supercars everywhere in Japan, parked in every corner. And in some cases it is easy to find tuned cars depending where areas you are. But they are not everywhere. Here are some examples of cars I found while walking the city. This is what you really see if just go walking.

IMG_3382 copia s15 s15 front mini in japan stock jdm legacyjzx90 jzx90 front r33 sedan stock cima cima front chaser lexus stagea japan parquing figaro 370z minami lexus1 lexus rear fairlady z chaser shinjuku chaser shinjuku1 gt86 odissey odissey march s15 and legacy 350z iq r34 parking euro r ps13 front ps13 rear ek9 parking ek9 yellow hat gt86 chiba r32 shinomae

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