S2000 + Work Emotion CR Kai

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Vanquish Ultimate GT


Highly distinctive, yet timelessly attractive. Unique features take the design ethos of Aston Martin into a new generation. An all-new exterior form, influenced by the One-77 supercar, sees each carbon-fibre body panel take a taut, aggressive form. The sculpted curves of the wheel arches and rear haunches define the profile. The iconic Aston Martin grille and new front-splitter create a unique ‘face’.

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Formula D Long Beach 2013 Coverage…Part 3 of 3…

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Happy Thursday everyone… I’m just gonna go ahead and dive right into the third and concluding portion of the coverage. Can’t say there is is anything else that needs to be said that hasn’t been covered in the previous two parts. As always, I’ve attached the links to the previous two posts if you happened to have missed any of it. This last FD post will cover mostly the Slammed Society car show side of the event. I had spent most of the day on the other side over in the pit/vendor area and wanted to make sure that I covered a bulk of the car show side before I left that day. As always, it was a great event and I look forward to checking it out again when they return for the season finale at the end of the year…

Here are the previous two posts if you…

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