Formula D Long Beach 2013 Coverage…Part 2…

Check the full coverage at The Chronicles. The Red Mustang is killing me.

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Welcome back to The Chronicles’ ongoing coverage of the 2013 Formula D Long Beach event. This is the second of three parts and like yesterday, will be pretty random. It’s just a collection of photos that I took in sequence that day. Anything that caught my eye I shot it as I always do here on the site. I apologize in advance for not getting any actual track coverage, but if you read my intro in Part 1, you’d likely realize the reason why I didn’t. Instead, I just walked around and took in the ambiance of the entire day. As you’ll see I personally prefer to walk around the paddock area and to see the drift cars up close instead of in a cloud of smoke. It helps me to appreciate some of the builds more and get to see the team of people that are behind each car…

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