67′ Chevy Nova


Is not the most popular american car, maybe because the reason for that is its size (small coupe), and maybe also because its big brothers like Camaro and Corvette were powerful enough to blow people’s mind.


But today everything classic may look cool and is usable for races. Many aftermarket parts out there, for every car, model and engine. The fact two here is that this Nova is being used as track car which a really like.

Muscle cars when tuned for racing purposes are so cool because its typical body beautiful and because its big engines.

0708_crup_03_z+1967_chevy_nova+intec 0708_crup_04_z+1967_chevy_nova+rear_view

The practical interior, with every gauge needed to keep the engine under control. Big Wilwood brakes and some aerodynamics make this a real race car.

0708_crup_07_z+1967_chevy_nova+interior 0708_crup_08_z+1967_chevy_nova+shifter 0708_crup_10_z+1967_chevy_nova+corner_rear_view 0708_crup_13_z+1967_chevy_nova+rear_view 0708_crup_14_z+kinesis_k28_wheel

Source: Popular Hot Rodding



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