Honda HSV-010GT

In search of the ultimate cornering machine.

While its predecessor, the NSX-GT, made for easy cornering due to its mid-engine layout, it had a slight lack of stability. With the HSV-010 GT, Honda pursued both speed and stability to the limit. Many people think of the NSX as a “cornering machine,” and we were therefore determined to make the HSV-010 GT “the ultimate cornering machine” that would even surpass the NSX.


Creating an “easy-handle” high performace vehicle through technology.

HSV-010 GT is a front-engine rear-drive Super GT machine—an attempt that Honda has never made before. Though it was a brand-new and independent challenge, the passion put into the vehicle by our development team, with the technologies cultivated in our history with the NSX-GT, led to the creation of this easy-to-handle, but high performance machine. Newly developed technology were combined with the already proven technology from the NSX. Ideal frame performance was achieved by optimizing the rigidity balance of the main frame. As for the engine, we adopted the HR10EG, which takes the 3.4-liter V8 engine for Formula Nippon and optimizes it for Super GT.

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Velocity: Speed is a given direction.

HSV stands for Honda Sports Velocity. As the name “Velocity” suggests, the engine thrives on speed —the core of motorsports. Velocity also implies “speed in a given direction,” and the HSV-010 GT expresses the future direction of Honda racing machine development as well as the engineering team’s dedication to speed.

Machine desing.

“The Super GT machine regulations are very specific about overall length, overall width, frame thickness, the wheelbase, and the length of front/rear overhangs. In addition, the basic shape of the base vehicle must be preserved, so the key is how to pursue functionality within these limitations.”
“I understand that some enthusiasts are saying ‘the engine can’t be mounted in front, can it?’ But it is definitely mounted in front (laughs). It’s just that the front hood looks relatively low since the base vehicle design features an accentuated wedge that flares to a prominent rear-end. We flatter ourselves to think that the enormous effort put into the rear-end design has given this machine a novel design never before seen in Super GT.”
“The vehicle’s image is derived from predatory birds in nature, which we hope that people will associate power and strength with the machine. But even with its beauty, since this is a racing machine, it won’t mean anything unless it is fast. We intend to keep evolving this machine further so that victory will be the ‘game’ that our ‘bird’ captures.”


The exhaust note.

“We decided to achieve a sensual sound that signifies a Honda, by adopting a manifold with 8-4-2-1 layout. We have already used a single-muffler exhaust system for the NSX-GT, and we are confident that the HSV-010 GT with this layout will also realize both the sound and the engine performance that we seek. Due to the environmental concerns, the regulations require the machine to be equipped with a catalyzer starting in 2010.”
“During development, we were able to improve engine output by modifying the exhaust pipe layout, but we decided to drop this idea because the sound got worse. We were that persistent about getting that sensual sound!”

Rear wing stay.

“A protruding rear wing stay gives the machine a unique rear appearance. This is the result of extending the length to the full limit of the regulations while making use of a short rear overhang. I understand that enthusiasts are saying ‘this is where the aerodynamic secret lies!’, but there’s no such secret. Aerodynamic performance remains at the 2009 NSX-GT level, so we need to improve it much further. I might add that this stay also serves as an exhaust system protector. We decided to try something new because a fire once ignited after an NSX-GT was rear-ended.”


Source: Honda


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