New kid in town

My name is Vicent M. Mena, I’m 17 years old and I am currently living in Spain. I am going to be a new contributor to rthirtytwotaka. But let explain a bit about myself.

I started visiting forums in 2008, time when I started doing pixelcars until October of 2012, also started doing toon cars, which I have been defining in my own style.


I always liked cars, I am studying what we call here ‘electromecanica’ (Car technician) and I’m very happy doing it and also I would like to start practicing drifting during next summer with a cheap car, we’ll see!!

Since I knew about Jose and his blog were back, I was really happy. He asked me to colaborate with rthirtytwotaka, I could not resist to say not. So here I am. I never thought I would be
joining a blog with the driver of an R32 (which I saw in my first drift event, that was one of the bests days in my life)

My interests are simple, cars, cars and cars, yeah I also like chiks and food lol.
At this moment I’m running a page in Facebook called Hierros Racing, it’s dedicated to the old school motorsport, mainly rallyes, featuring cars that made a great
era of motorsport, and now, im gonna show my drifter side in this page.

What you are going to see?

Well, my main target will be show you the latest japanese trends, what is going on in Japan (such as drift cars, vip, bosozoku) I also going to post american and european cars. To resume everything that I consider cool, sure you are going to like it.

I am glad forming part in the blog, and I hope you like the content Iman going to post and enjoy reading the stories behind.



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