Osaka Prefecture to join Nissan EV

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced it will help ease anticipated electricity supply constraints this summer through measures to be taken jointly with the City of Osaka and Osaka Prefecture under the “power saving actions with Nissan LEAF” initiative. Nissan’s contribution to the power saving measures will include the provision of the “LEAF to Home” power supply system.


Free of cost, Nissan will loan 250 sets of Nissan LEAFs paired with “EV Power Station” units, which are made by the Nichicon Corporation. Osaka city and prefectural offices will receive 50 sets, with 200 sets destined for the private sector within the prefecture*. Nissan will be responsible for recruiting individual participants and corporations located in Osaka prefecture. Private sector child and elderly care facilities are eligible to apply.


“LEAF to Home” power units provide an uninterrupted flow of electricity stored in the high-capacity batteries onboard Nissan LEAF electric vehicles (EV) to residential homes. The system will help encourage Nissan LEAF owners to charge their cars with electricity generated during the night, when demand is low, or sourced from solar panels. This assists in balancing energy needs by supplying electricity to homes/offices during daytime, when demand is highest. It can also be used as backup power source in case of a power outage and/or shortages.


At the joint press conference conducted with the City of Osaka and Osaka Prefecture, Nissan Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga said, ” ‘LEAF to Home’ is a totally new system that can help balance energy needs by storing power during the night and consuming it during daytime at homes and offices when demand is high. Power saving is an important national issue we need to address now and throughout the year. We are excited to be able to significantly contribute to this ‘peak (power use) shift’ effort in Osaka by leveraging the capabilities of the ‘LEAF to Home’ system.”

Going forward, Nissan will continuously support power saving efforts with the “LEAF to Home” system in areas where balancing electricity needs is required.

Guidelines for applications for private sector participants

Application period: Tuesday, July 3, 14:00 – Monday, July 16, 18:0

Target: Citizens living in Osaka prefecture and companies (including child and
elderly care-focused facilities based in Osaka
Method: Dedicated website:
Contact: “Power saving action with Nissan LEAF” office
0120-86-6623 (Toll Free)
If a large number of applications are received, recipients will be decided by lottery
Customers will be responsible for the vehicle registration fee and voluntary insurance
Nissan Osaka Sales Co., Ltd. will be in charge of vehicle delivery and after-sale servicing

* The free loan of Nissan LEAFs for this project will end at the end of fiscal year 2012 (March 31, 2013)


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