Mark II Tourer V JZX100

You could now think that just turn into publishing just sedans but don’t be bad. Chaser are the coolest sedan ever whatever its generation. Hand made rear wheel arches, full body kit, great colour and enormous wheels. What a good way to drive everyday or weekends at Nikko Circuit!

TRD rpm speedo, Defi gauges, boost controller and of course, manual gearbox. It is always more comfortable to get out the car when you have quick release steering wheel.

TRD speedometer reads 320km/h. You are going to need a big turbo under the hood to boost that top speed!

Easy braking. If we imagine that wheels are 20″, then brake rotor is big enough. WoW!

When you have a boost controller and gauges up and down the is no place to the radio. A new location is required. I don’t know why Defi Meters are so perfect to dress in any dashboard.

Yes I know. Now you want a Chaser. And unfortunately Chaser were never sold in your country…what happend there? I’m sure I will pay good money drive one everyday in my way to work.


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