The secret of Nomuken san ♪♪

Since the end of March, Ken Nomura (Nomuken) has shown us several pictures of a new car little by little on his facebook page.

Working secretely..

At the beginning he said that he couldn’t show it to us.  ^^ But it seems that the work on that car is nearly finishing and soon we’ll see the shakedown of the car.

With the last picture he said that the shakedown might be during the 3rd round of D1GP at Autopolis. I’ ll show you all the pictures that he has posted until now.  You’ll see which car they’ve been working on.

Discarding unnecesary things.  (21/ March)

Big fender.. (28/ March)


Ideas (4/ April)

Image.. How about this? (10/ April)

The fender may be like his.. (20/April)

Making an aileron. (14/ May)

(15/ May)

Finish the roll bar. (22/ May)

It appears a GT car (23/ May)

(4/ June)

like 2J.. (6/ June)

Posible Sakedown in the D1GP Rd3 at Autopolis. (11/June)


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