GX61 scale models

Here are some examples that I managed to found surfing internet. Some are elegant, some sporty. But all them are awesome and some out of order due to its age in the market.

I’m sure there are some more beautiful ones but I think is always cool enjoy the old school scale models? And if you love the Cresta/Chaser family then it is a pleasure.


Many owners had 2JZ swapped by now, don’t you think?


Luxury models with slammed stanced before you build it. Awesome look for an scale model.


Tune models are the best looking here. I really wanna see one of those built with quality to see how wonderful these scale models are.


Here is my favorite. Half low-boso, half classic. Best looking scale model of the bunch. Perfect match body colour and wheels combo.


This is a rare one. It is coupe and the aerodinamycs makes this car look like a super shilouette Toyota Cresta without livery.

As always Fujimi made many of them? Extra care of the domestic market.


While finding all these scale models that many are for sale yet I realized how important classic Toyota sedans were/are for the japanese families.


And still today Toyota works on quality sedans and also affordable. Bravo!


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