Shine on

What a surprise to me when I found this PS13. As you well know when a PS13 front end meets a 180SX rear end the mix is named Sil80.


Gram Lights in a kind of fluorescent orange. These 57D are also available in fluorescent yellow. They appear in 2010 in RAYS catalogue and used in many D1SL and D1GP but even with those sponsored cars these wheels are barely used.


Rear 180SX tail lights, slightly wide rear fenders and full bodykit. As often looks like almost all Californian cars are well done. With taste and trying to be a little different.


Of course this car do drift. Why not? Drift cars are built for these purposes so lets go drifting whenever you want. This PS13 is simple and so clean. Has that taste of a real JDM car. In fact due to the DMax bonnet entry or the wheels.

I’m sure that if we change the background for another one with some japanese truck, japanese advertisement or putting some white flower trees you would think is a real japanese car.



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