D1GP Rd2 Suzuka Circuit, the best run ♪♪

T. Ueno vs N. Kumakubo

Battle for the third place.

3 thoughts on “D1GP Rd2 Suzuka Circuit, the best run ♪♪

  1. Yea, amazing run. I remember there were more like this… but honestly I’m now more impressed of The Drift Muscle events than D1GP.

      1. Yea, indeed. And MSC Challenge is running too, 7th year in a row now, I think. Don’t know how D1SL is old, and not sure right now how the composition of a D1SL event looks like – if there are classes by experience, triple drift class or even something about the grip blattle, but up to now I always had the best feeling of the MSC Challenge. Now I’m, as I have already said, really excited of The Drift Muscle. Crazy name, spectacular format, grassroots teams, small and narrow circuits… with Daijiro and Dorikin in the lead!


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