Introduction: Fumie Imaoka

I’m Fumie Imaoka. I’ve lived in Spain for 19 years.

Five and half years ago I met a German guy who asked me if I knew Hachiroku. I knew Toyota Trueno, but I didn’t know AE86. He showed me Initial D and the Drift World. I visited Ebisu with him four years ago. I fell in love with Drift.

What do I want to show you?

Especially the Drift World which I love.

When I was young, I liked to watch F1. I was a fan of Ayrton Senna. When he died, I left the motor sports. At that time drifting was not talked well by the people in Japan because of illegaly tuned cars and bad manner of some drivers. But now it has been changed by the efforts of Kenichi Tsuchiya and several middle aged drifters. I’d like to show Drift as a motor sports and to show how fascinating it is.

Why do I love drift so much?

I like Super GT, Super Endurance Race, WTAC and WTCC as well. However at Drift race I feel an amazing power and sence of presence there, and the drivers are very near the spectators. Especially if you visit Ebisu, you’ll feel it without doubt.
The drivers of Drift usually work on their own cars. In Japan even famous drifters work on it, so they love to talk about the cars, tuning and setting-up and they help to repair the cars each other. Even at the race the drifters are very humane and they don’t mind helping others to repair the cars. I always feel someone’s personal warmth there.

I hope that you can enjoy the pictures and the videos which I introduce to you.

Thank you.


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