Rare car of the day

The car is a Toyota Comfort GT-Z Supercharger in that case with Watanabe RS. Here is the rear view of this low price sedan. The car is popular with taxi companies and driving schools in Japan. Currently, it is also sold in Hong Kong, mainly as taxi

The engine is a supercharged because the car in the pictures is a TRD Special Edition. The TRD Comfort GT-Z Supercharger was a limited edition sports model made in 2003. Total production of this version was 59.

This car had a 3S-FE type DOHC 2.0 L L4 ORC-TX07 supercharged gasoline engine.

Now that you have seen the car with some performance let’s see the car in its natural habitat. I am sure you now recognize that Toyota Comfort.

Toyota Comfort Hong Kong

D1GP Rd2 Suzuka. Final Result

The champion is Kuniaki Takahashi!!

1.  K. Takahashi

2. D. Saito

3. N. Kumakubo

4. T. Ueno

5. N. Taniguchi

6. M. Orido

7. T. Iwai

8. M. Fujinaka

9. K. Takayama

10. T. Hibino

11. K. Bai

12. T. Tezuka

13. M. Suenaga

14. T. Kataoka

15. S. Tanaka

16. K. Nomura