Because Swift

As other cars, the Suzuki Swift is those kind of cars who do not have enough love from bloggers. But they deserve some love when look cool. Here in the photo with his proud owner this Swift looks cool.

Bonus photo.


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Photo: ManuGD

D1LL (Ladies League) Rd2 at Ebisu 2012

D1LL was celebrated this weekend at Ebisu South course at the same place and on the same day as D1SL.

Sumika Kubokawa won the championship.

The result was as following;

1. Sumika Kubokawa

2. Saori Ishikawa

3. Rie Shinmi

4. Yasue Michiko

5. Yukie Hayashi

6. Shizuka Suzuki

7. Rie Morooka

The level of the League is very high.
Here is a video of the final re-run. Sumika’s car is yellow 180sx.

Sumika Final run