I go by Enoezam. I’ve been into cars & graffiti for many years, and owned over a dozen cars. Everything from a 75′ Nova to a 72′ 510.

I’m also a graffiti artist.

I started a blog called tailoutsx on wordpress around the time this one started, but life changed and I stopped. Long story short Jose asked me to blog for his site, and I’m excited to colab on this site. You can expect alot of stanced, classic, and artistic content in my post. I am also starting a site called maraxproject.com on Cars, and all things street, and art. Check it out. Lastly thanks Jose for this opportunity to share my take on what is legit in this scene.

Formula D Malaysia 2012

Qualyfing race was celebrated today, and Daigo Saito’ got the 4th position and Max Orido the 7th position.
The twin drift run was  also competed among several countries; Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan.
The Japan team which was formed with Daigo and Max won the championship.

Conglaturations, Daigo san & Max san!!
Good luck for tomorrow final!!

Checking the truck. ^^

Max san’s supra. ^^

Koenigsegg CCGT

The CCGT was created for the sole purpose of racing in FIA GT1. As the car was being finished, the regulations in FIA GT1 were changed. Now a minimum of 350 examples of the actual model that is going to compete must be produced per year. As Koenigsegg’s production volumes are much less than this, we have not been able to enter the car in GT1 racing.

The one existing car showed very promising results in its testing program and has laid the foundation for Koenigsegg’s future racing aspirations. The CCGT is still driven several times per year for closed track sessions and events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The CCGT is built according to the FIA GT1 regulation, with a normally aspirated engine version of the Koenigsegg V8, producing aprox 640 hp. There is a sequential 6 speed racing gearbox that can be paddle operated. The car, without ballast weighs under 1100 kg, which means that the Ballast can be placed optimally in order to met the mandatory weight.