Mustang GT350 '66

Wimbledon White with blue stripes, the Shelby GT350 R was a purpose built racecar that became the template for GT350 road cars to follow. Racing in the SCCA’s B/Production class, Shelby was Ford’s answer to winning the Road Racing Championship for several years. The cars were built in series as a turnkey racecar.


Prepared in conjunction with Ford, stripped out 271 hp Mustangs left the factory for conversion in Shelby’s facility. The first arrived without side or rear windows, heaters, defrosters, upholstery, headliners, insulation or sound deadening.


Many changes were done to the body, including the fittament of a distinctive front apron in fiberglass. Flares were added to the fenders to accommodate 15×7 inch wheels. Furthermore the side and rear windows were were replaced by Plexiglas with aluminum frames.

Underneath, Shelby changed the pickup points on the suspension, added traction bars for the rear suspension and installed a new differential.


Inside, a new instrument cluster was added with a tachometer and oil pressure gauge. A large 4-point roll cage was installed with a 34 gallon fuel tank.


The engine was thoroughly reworked to include Cylone Tri-Y headers, A Holley four-barrel carburetor, Cobra high rise aluminum intake manifold which produced around 325 to 360 horsepower. An oil cooler was also fitted.


Via: Supercars



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