Ebisu Spring ”MATSURI” 2012

Whenever I saw the videos from Matsuri, I feel like visiting Ebisu to join in the Matsuri…
Today I’m going to present you three videos from the Haru (Spring) Matsuri, which was celebrated on the 4th and the 5th of May.
You’ll understand me well…

Enjoy drift ♥  Enjoy it with the mates..♥♥  Ebisu is our home ground for the drifters..♥♥

Enjoy the videos.. ♪♪

Ebisu Circuit Spring Drift Matsuri 2012 (by Taylor Wright)

Ebisu Haru Matsuri at night (preparing for the next day) (by api731)

Ebisu Drift Haru Matsuri 2012 (by oyajinoid)


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