The Big Blog Theory

Do you wanna get comments? I’m afraid not.

As a blogger and as most of you bloggers that follow a lot of blogs over whole internet you sure have reached some targets. Some are have fixed as target views, some is write just what you like whatever is more commercial or isn’t, other look for comment trying to get loyalty.

You write because you like it, because you want to show trends, what you think is cool to people. Sometimes you write for no one as most of us aren’t big blogs.

When at the start of car blogging, there were a bunch of bloggers trying to show people the automotive culture out of the standard media press. Because I’m sure when you were young and you used to walk towards your kiosk looking for a new magazine with the quality you expect since you paid 5$ in best of cases. So to solve that and taking advantage of internet blogs start emerge and some of them today are biggest blog on internet. After sometime single bloggers did its best to earn a virtual space out there.

Over that era, the big blog had thousands of comments and created the first Facebook pages reaching hundreds of thousands of people and everybody started an automotive related blog.

But unfortunately  most of them died. And as a consequence surviving today is quite difficult due to thousand of blog fighting for the same carguys. And then you start thinking about how can you stay out there. How can you get subscribers, comments and views to let people know about your website, that at the end of the day is just the way you see the automotive culture and life.

Cheking Fatlace I noticed that not even Fatlace got many comments. I took a screenshot but you can check it by yourself just clicking the link.

How is that possible?

They got thousands of views every day. They are business, sold stickers, clothing, what ever you imagine. They run shops, japanese photographers and big events each year in different locations. I also checked other sites like StanceWorks or Speedhunters obtaining the same result, few comments. So is just time for pictures, as today’s world. Everything is about the photo. Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Tablets and Smartphones. We see what our friends did last weekend in pictures instead of meet him at your local coffee shop. We spend hours on youtube, flickr and watching someone’s photos on Facebook. So we prefer to watch than read for only reason of what a picture can say without words.

What can we do?

Nothing. It is not so clear what begins first. Is it internet that can make something become a world trend? Or are trends in the streets and internet is a window? So if we can’t reply that question right, you can’t know what people wants to watch, to read or to comment. What is impressive today for us? Have we seen everything on today’s world? I am sure not. And I am excited about what blogs will post in future, which is car is gonna be posted in everysingle forum or blog, the drift video going viral because its production.


I recently saw this Jetta wagon on Motormavens and instantly loved it. If you havent heard fifteen52 yet be sure to check them out.

This quote is from co-owner of the company.

Fifteen52 is better defined by our concept rather than any specific line of products or services. Simply stated, our number one goal is to offer our customers whatever is necessary to make them feel they own truly unique automobiles. Approaching everything we do from an enthusiast perspective, we are a small but dedicated operation that prefers to take each job and each sale on a case-by-case basis. Customer service is our number one priority and our true measure of success is how well we manage to foster a customer’s love affair with his or her vehicle.” –Matt Crooke</blockquoteard

Mod list.

Custom Recaro seats

Audi TT pedals

MOMO club sport II steering wheel

18×8.5 Fifteen 52 Tarmac wheels

Falken FK452 215/35/R18 tires

Air lift slam xl front struts

Air Lift rear bags over Suspension Techniques sport shocks rear

Air Lift Auto Pilot Digital Management System

Ebisu Minami Jump by Sumika

Every year D1GP and D1SL are celebrated in the Minami Course at Ebisu Circuit.
As you know, this course is very famous as a difficult track.  The D1 drivers start from the downslope and compete through the last corner.  The downslope is not horizontal; the inside of the slope is steeper than the outside.  If they pass there at high speed, the body of the car comes off the ground.  During the D1GP in 2009 Tetsuya Hibino started to solve that problem by jumping.  Since then, several drifters have entered the courner jumping.  I saw impresive high jumps by Tetsuya Hibino and Daigo Saito.  Their jump were really awesome.

On the 19th and 20th of May the D1SL was celebrated there.  Just one day before the competition our Drift Queen, Sumika Kubokawa  started to try to jump there.


She tried it during the qualifying race and she got the 3rd position.. ^^  I’ve got her video on board during the practice time..

Enjoy it with Sumika.. ♥