Get out of my mind

I’m really sure you think the same each time you see a picture of an old zed.

($ ÷ Gallon) x (Miles ÷ Gallon) = LA Gasoline Anxiety

($ ÷ Gallon) x (Miles ÷ Gallon) = LA Gasoline Anxiety.

When I got my driver’s license in 1978, I remember paying just 64 cents for a gallon of gas. I say this and I feel like the old geezers who complain how when they were kids they used to walk to school uphill both ways. Suddenly I’m older than dirt.

Yes, remember in Europe you expect to pay $8.70 per gallon. Can be worst.

New Honda CVT for Midsize Vehicles

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced the development of a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) for midsize vehicles that significantly enhances both driving performance and fuel economy. The new CVT is the latest addition to the Earth Dreams Technology series of revolutionary next-generation technologies for automobiles. Also announced today, the all-new Step WGN and Step WGN Spada will be the first vehicles to feature this new CVT and will offer the highest fuel economy in their class.

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