Tochigi Baka Drift Matsuri (Nikko, 4 / Mar / 2012)

There was a Drift festival called Tochigi Baka Matsuri in Nikko Circuit on the 4th of March.
Tochigi is the name of the prefecture where Nikko Circuit is located, and Baka means a fool.. >_<
We know Drifters and fans of Drift look foolish because we love sliding the car side.. xD

Several D1GP drifters and D1SL drifters participated and totally more than 200 peopole participated in the event. The level of drift is very high.  Please enjoy the videos from that Foolish Festival.. ^^

The next video is from an on-board camera in D1 LL (Lady´s League) Champion, Sumika Kubokawa’s car.


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