Hellaflush? Soldout!

I remember back to early 2011 to see a picture showing the future of hellaflush. RIP was wrote as describing the end of a trend. Because when something is trend has its days numbered.

It starts in the US, quickly it spread to UK and circa 2010 hellaflush was within whole Europe and Japan.

They get into the HF and the USDM with awesome cars full of quality, you know business as usual.

But 2012 is looking different, TAS, Osaka Messe and which is even more important because the attendant of car owners and no business owners the 2012 Weksos meeting reveled that HF is about to die. I will better say about to change.

Most mixing with the VIP style has finally ending VIP car which looks better.

And others and mainly Civics comeback to its roots of quality parts and no rare fitments. JDM is back to stay with clean cars even if most look the same, you will always love to find a Civic with TE37’s standing on your desktop.

Driftcars will always be driftcars, so keep them drifting.

Classics? Let’s see what happen.

Jose M. Lopez

2 thoughts on “Hellaflush? Soldout!

  1. I also notice many guys stop blogging when most of us started. N/a on the run, slappy, and many others. The pressure is to high and the big guys such as Speedhunters, stanceworks has the power to say what is cool or not.

    But I decided that I just do it coz I like so I will try doing what I like. You should also keep working blogging, don’t give up.

  2. Still the same if not even worst. So many of the people interested in todays automotive culture look for approval or what the general population thinks is considered sick. Just look at how many people angle their stickers by there rear windshields. Its the same shit different day. Its just gonna either continue with kids wanting props or assuming their stanced cars are female magnets or that its cool to angle in driveways. It’s at the point where its so stupid now. I do praise the people that actually work in the industry or do actual motorsports not snapback wearing faggots rocking vans and 8 losers giggling in a edited Nikon shot video that last for 1:30 seconds.

    I could care less but it sucks a lot of people have stopped blogging. I wish your site to do well and its great your still continuing. I will try to pop out every now and then.


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