Ebisu Drift Matsuri & Drift Heaven ♥

Three times a year many drift mates abroad come to Ebisu Circuit in Japan to drift toghether.

These periods are called “Drift Heaven”.  And during these periods Team Orange and Powervehicles hold “Drift Matsuri (festival)” which contains a drift race called “Gaikokujin Grand Prix (G1GP)”, and a 36 hour drift festival and a BBQs party.

This video is from last year.  You’ll find several good videos in the ”Team Orange News Letter” page on facebook.

The schedule of this year is following.. (I’ll show you the schedule of D1GP as well.)

D1GP Schedule                                                G1GP Schedule   (in Ebisu)

April 14  (Sat)         Rd. 1   in Odaiba

April 15 (Sun)        Exhibition

April 30 (Mon)                                                       Drift Heaven starts.

May 4 (Fri)                                                              Spring Matsuri.

May 26. 27 (Sat. Sun)   Rd. 2  in Suzuka

July 21.22 (Sat. Sun)     Rd. 3   in Autopolis

Aug. 13 (Mon)                                                         Drift Heaven starts.

Aug. 17 (Fri)                                                             Summer Matsuri

Aug. 25 (Sat)    Rd. 4   in Ebisu

Aug. 26 (Sun)  Rd. 5   in Ebisu

Sep. 22 (Sat)  Rd. 6  in Centrair International Airport

Sep. 23 (Sun)   Exhibition

Nov. 3. 4 (Sat. Sun)  Rd. 7    undecided

Nov. 5 (Mon)                                                           Drift Heaven starts.

Nov. 9 (Fri)                                                               Autumn Matsuri

So honestly speaking for me the best time to visit Ebisu Circuit is around Summer Matsuri time or around Autumn Matsuri time.. because we’ll enjoy both D1GP and G1GP. ♥♥ But around Spring Matsuri it is very good season to visit Japan.  If we plan to stay in Ebisu to practice drift, we can see D1SL/LL in Ebisu (19.20/ May) after Spring Matsuri.  Of course if we have a big budget, we’ll visit all Matsuri time.. (>_<..)  The price for the participation for Matsuri is 15.000 JPY. (To join BBQ party only costs 3.000 JPY ♪♪)

Always the problem for the mates who live abroad is ‘A CAR’.. We’d like to practice drift, learn drift o participate in Matsuri..
But WE  DON’T  HAVE  A  CAR in japan..


1.  There is a program in Ebisu Drift School for those who can’t bring their own cars but who want to learn drift in Ebisu.

For the beginner:  Drift Trial Lesson (“Drift Taiken Package”, 1 hour private lesson)

This program is for a starter.  1 hour private lesson with Kohashi kun or Naoto san.
15.000 JPY for 1 hour.  The price includes a car, fuel, tyres and circuit fee.

For the drifters:  Private Drift Lesson Package  (one day private lesson with Naoto san)

100.000 JPY for one day (AM 8:30 to PM 5:00)

The price includes a car with full of fuel, one set more tyres and circuit fee.

(note)  My best friend had this drift private lesson with Naoto san.  When he went to the office at 8:30 in the morning, Naoto san had been preparing a car for him.  They moved to the lesson ground.  From 9:00h to 17:00h he drove all day long except the time to cool down the engine and the lunch time.  In Ebisu there is always one restaurant open.  He was very satisfied with the lesson.

Frankly speaking, I don’t have a car for drift.   But I wanted to try drift.  I asked 2 lessons of trial class and 1 day private lesson.  My instructar was Sumika san.  But during the day Naoto san and Kuma san came to see me to encourage me.. jaja.. because I didn’t progress very well.. (>_<) In addition to that, my first car had a problem and they had to offer me the secound car.. jaja..   Finally I succeeded to go around a pylon drifting. ♥♥

As you know, Sumika san left Team Orange last November.  We cannot see her there, but she participates in D1SL and D1LL.  So if we want to see her, we should check the D1SL schedule. ♪♪ Kohashi kun will participate in D1SL, too.  I love D1SL and D1LL as well. They celebrate on the same day in the same circuit, so female drifters can participate in both.  The drift level of D1SL is very high.  Without doubt you’ll enjoy D1SL and D1LL.

– Drift Trial Package   http://www.driftschool-jp.com/j/drift_pac/index.html

– Private Drift Lesson Package



2. Buy a car during our stay and afterwards ask to ship it to our countries or to keep it till our next visit to Ebisu (5.000 JPY/month), or to sell it (if the car is not so damaged, we might get back a half price).

Powervehicles always have several stocks to sell.  They have various types for our needs.

Matsuri Missile“: Common Vehicle Choice: S13/S14/RPS13/C33/A31/R32/AE86 etc.

The least we need to just get out and drive, with either aftermarket or Locked LSD, a bucket seat, and a set of aftermarket suspension.
NA models  150.000 – 250.000 JPY  / Turbo models  200.000 – 300.000 JPY.

Light Tuned : Common Vehicle Choice: S13/S14/RPS13/JZX90/C33/A31/R32/R33/AE86 etc

The next step up. A Turbo charged car with aftermarket parts such as LSD, Coilovers, Exhaust System, Clutch, Bucket Seat, and some light engine tuning.      250,000 – 350,000 JPY

 Mid Tuned: Common Vehicle Choice: S13/S14/RPS13/JZX90/JZX100/R32/R33/JZX90/C33/C35/A31/ etc

For those who want a turbo drift car with around 300ps. Expect a S14/S15/HKS GT-SS Turbo or similar setup on the SR engined cars, injectors uprated and remapped ROM, on top of the parts listed on the light tuned option, as well as aftermarket, Intercooler, larger radiator and Adjustable Suspension parts. It’s also likely to have some aero parts and in car electronics such as boost control and meters.      350,000-500,000 JPY

Competition Ready to D1 Divisional requirements Common Vehicle Choice: S13/S14/S15/RPS13/JZX90/JZX100/R32/R33 etc

To be competitive the turbo cars would have over 350ps so a turbo such as Trust TD06, T517, T518, HKS GT-RS, GT2530/GT2540 etc, supporting engine mods, fully adjustable sus, cage, 4 Point Harness and a fire extinguisher.      500,000-1,000,000 JPY

Competition Ready to D1 Street Legal requirements & D1 Spec Machines  Powervehicles have exported numerous Ex D1SL and D1GP cars and always have more either in stock or available to us for those serious about competing there with the world’s best.      1,000,000 JPY and up


Once we have a car ♥, we can practice drift by ourselves and also we can ask a Private Drift Lesson in Ebisu Drift School with a half price of the package.  Circuit fees are 5.000 JPY for 4 courses and are 8.500 JPY for 4 courses + Minami course.

Private Drift Lesson: one day private lesson with Naoto san

50.000 JPY including a driving lesson and a car set-up.



So, we have the posibility to practice drift and learn drift in Ebisu now.  Soon or later I’ll write about transport to Ebisu and stay in Ebisu.

Enjoy drift in Ebisu then!!

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