Go for a walk at Suzuka Circuit

I just discovered this yesterday while surfing the internet. I use to spend time at google maps because in some way is like traveling without spending a penny. And then I realized how will it be driving at Suzuka with any NISSAN available for rent (hahaha). What was my surprised I when I noticed the Street View was available for the whole circuit, just amazing! Go for a walk!!

Five japanese pilots in the Top 10 Time Attacker in the World!!

What an awesome result was made!!
World Time Attack Challenge made a list of ”The Top 10 Time  Attacker in the World”.

Among the 10 drivers there are 5 japanese drivers.

1st. Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada. Japan.

What can we say about Tarzan? Undefeated, Twice World Time Attack Champion. With the Cyber Evo taking the crown back to Japan for two consecutive years it will be interesting to see what evolves in 2012 as for the past two years this car has been officially “retired” only to come out of retirement just for this event.  Tarzan has driven in many forms of motorsport including JGTC and D1 drift. There is no question in the world of time attack – He is the man to beat!

3rd. Nobeteru Tanaguchi. Japan.

Now this guy really needs no introduction. The pilot of the legendary HKS CT230R. This car still holds the time attack record at Tsukuba with a time of 53.6 seconds set many years ago before the car’s retirement.  Many believe that NOB stands for “No One Better” and if his 2011 race results are anything to go by, this may hold some water. He won everything he entered, including the GT300 series.  He has also been the driver for RE Amimeya in Super GT which leads us to believe he would be their “favoured choice” to drive at WTAC 2012. He was also the driver for Top Fuel so the odds of him making the trip down under look better than ever!

4th. Mitsuhiro Kinoshita. Japan.

After finishing the 2010 WTAC event in 6th place behind the wheels of the R magic RX7, Kinoshita returned in 2011 to put the Garage Revolution RX7 on the podium in 3rd position behind Cyber and SSE. The Japanese pro driver has many years of Super GT experience under his belt and is now employed by Hankook as a development driver. He is extremely well respected as a driver in Japan and his  small stature is also seen as an advantage in events like time attack racing where there is “no minimum weight”. Expect to  see him back in 2012 for WTAC, possibly driving more than one vehicle.

7th. “Under” Suzuki. Japan.

This is the guy that just continues to amaze and we would not be surprised to see him move up several places up this list in 2012.  The second of our “non professional” drivers has recorded lap times that put many professionals to shame. He has been around Tsukuba in 54.1 seconds, and dominated the Evome time attack series in Japan. He also came 5th outright at WTAC 2011! We’re expecting big things from “Under” this year!

10th. Kouta Sasaki. Japan.

The Japanese Super GT driver has consistently peddled the Panspeed car to podium finishes at many events time attack events throughout Japan in recent years. In 2010 he finished in 5th position at WTAC and 2nd at Revspeed event in December at Tsukuba 2011. We hear rumours of a new car for Panspeed in 2012 but can’t confirm anything at this time. A very seasoned driver, who drives for the Subaru team in Japanese Super GT as his “real” job.

Car facts or narrow mind

Most of times we used to think that 90’s car are coolest car ever. In that group of cool cars we also include the old school cars, never mind if euro or jap cars (americans are out of this game because muscles were always cool).

But maybe the reason for those thoughts are our average age. Think that your are 16. And you are car guy such as all of us, you will grew up with the new GTR, GT86, BRZ, Genesis, rare Impreza’s and most rare EVO’s.

When 20 you will have some money and those cars will be your dream cars. Things changed after 5 or 6 years and then you turn your mind into old school cars that in the suggested case those cars will an R32, S-chassis or any Toyota of early nineties.


10 reasons to buy a Japanese car

1. It is japanese made, so it will never let you down.
2. If it is a brand new car warranty is usually longer than others.
3. If it is second hand car they used to keep its value.
4. Ebay has plenty of second hand parts and aftermarket parts.
5. Chinese also do parts cheap and crappy parts for them.
6. If looking for a classic you will be the coolest men on earth.
7. If it is a classic japanese, you will spend most of your time at yahoo.co.jp so maybe you will learn Japanese.
8. Lucky or not is possible that your car worth more when sell it than when bought it.
9. Some neighbours will not notice if you drive Honda, Toyota or maybe Hyundai.
10. If you drive an Honda probably your neighbour will think you are a ricer when driving the ultimate-coolest-hellaflushed 94′ Civic so you will laugh in your thoughts.


New Honda diesel engine

The new 1.6-liter i-DTEC engine is the first drive train from Honda’s new Earth Dreams Technology engine series to be introduced into Europe. It will be manufactured at Honda’s UK manufacturing facility from the end of 2012.

The application of new high-strength material in the cylinder head has enabled Honda to deliver the world’s lightest aluminium open deck 1.6-liter diesel engine.


These lightweight characteristics, along with the compact high-efficiency turbocharger enhance responsiveness and ensure the car will offer a class-leading balance of fuel economy and performance.