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The Way of the Desert Sled

Peter Egan provides historical perspective on the Jack Pine custom Triumph in the August issue, on newstands July 5. Here’s a little kick start for you until you can get your paws on Peter’s print exclusive feature.


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Maybe nothing. What’s a surprise for you? I mean since we are hundreds of thousands of bloggers someone told to me about ask the people at the time you are posting. I also notice that other big blogs sometimes they don’t really are blogs. They are a kind of magazine.

This is very important to you blogger. I have said they are magazine and in fact they are because they use thousands of photographers, editors here and there, and people covering US or Japan. Is also true that sometimes they do forget Europe (not UK).

So never try to reach the level of views, comments or subscribers. Don’t. You have no money or possibilities. You have no adds because wordpress won’t allow them either blogspot.

So, as a resume keep posting, asking and try innovate as much as you can.


The Ferrari 458 Italia and California may have different personalities but both are true Ferraris. From Maranello to Milan, then through the mountains into Switzerland, we drive these most highly evolved of performance cars to the site of one of mankind’s greatest adventures – the Large Hadron Collider. First part: 458 Italia