Are blogs death?

Something I’ve noticed since two years time back many blog grow up quickly. I think is time to change, maybe looking for new content or new ideas to renew blogs.

Offer something different or since everyone can own and make his own blog competive is a must.

Just say to other automotive blogger don’t relax, don’t be in comfort position. Look for, research, do whatever you want to try keeping readers and likes.

Everything in life those days is tough. Life itself, work positions, money, globalization, everybody has something to say, and everybody is free to say whatever they want. New life is coming.

3 thoughts on “Are blogs death?

  1. You are right, but as George says, I try to innovate in some contents, and always post what I like.
    I feel the point is to take advantage of the feedback you receive from the readers comments, and try to satisfy your readers/followers with the contents they request. And of course, try to make your blog as specific as you can, and be the best in that specific matter.
    Keep going with the good (and hard) work.

  2. Keep up the good work. I feel like blogs are dying out as well. But I still try to find some new content. You might see it some other places, but I post what I like.


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