Skyline GT-R Race Car Replicas

Skyline racing car replica owners were invited to join Skyline Festival 2011.

Most replicas are of 1993 JTC model, so they got on the grid in the same order as the race held at this Fuji Speedway back in 1993. I’m sure fans, and especially the owners were deeply touched by this wonderful event.

[List of Replicas appearing in this video]
– UNISIA [1991]
– UNISIA JECS [1993]
– STP TAISAN [1993]
– BP TRAMPIO [1993]
– HKS [1993]
– FET [1993]
– KYOSEKI [1993]
– CALSONIC [1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993]

[Event Info]
– Name: Skyline Festival 2011
– Date: July 10th, 2011
– Place: Fuji Speedway, Japan


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