New Judges for D1 2011

After various months of rare drift days and the quit of Keiichi and Inada from  D1 Grand Prix series, the new era will start this months after waiting almost two months since the terrible earthquake destroyed great part of Japan.

Odaiba is ready for the new season with new judges that will be:

Tarzan Yamada

Akira Iida (SuperGT driver)

Ryusuke Kawasaki (Drift Tengoku editor)

Hisashi Kamimoto

Shinji Yamaji (The man in middle)

2011年 D1グランプリシリーズの新審査員が発表に!

2 thoughts on “New Judges for D1 2011

  1. A mi los que me preocupan son Akira y Tarzán.

    De drift poco xD

    Espero que hayan recibido un intensivo o algo.

  2. El tal de Shinji Yamaji tiene pinta de jurao cabron de operación triumph lol

    Yo tengo ganicas de ver los naranjitos con su sedan cobete nuevo.



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