What is next?

I’ve noticed since the time I spend working on r32taka.com that blog’s grow up everywhere, and I think now is time to check what is next to tell people.

Maybe what I need is focus in just something. Trying to bring r32taka.com to some place, making it just for some racing, kind of cars or something. I’m not too sure about how to move ahead.

Since I start writing, I did some collaboration for magazine, met a lot of good guys… Now for me is different. I came back to Spain last May 2010, and I need to reading in English and talk. Here is the matter no way to talk nobody besides a few clients that has been retired here in Spain hahaha.

I’m still studying how to move again somewhere whatever was US or Australia, Canada or NZ. So how to move in that world at the time you need sponsors, impossible work permits, and a lot law that can’t be jumped…

All that ideas are around my head each day and I think right now I’m stuck somewhere like Obama’s car. Well I believe I feel much better now after tell someone how are my days. In the meantime keep visiting us for more news, awesome cars, and incredible drift videos.



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