Hard work tomorrow

Here is the new one! An euro E30 316i with no engine! Well car has rear break disk and rear M-Tech II Spoiler which look great!

To get the car back to the road I gonna use my own engine of my currenty sedan M40B18. I need to use my front subframe, brakes and suspension. I hope tomorrow to put the car at least on the floor with the engine fitted and ready to start. Car has no registration so I got to do some paperwork on it, and I don’t want to spend more than a week to drive car. One of the best thing is my new power steering assist!!! More info tomorrow while working!

2 thoughts on “Hard work tomorrow

  1. Cuando esté todo solucionado, hay que quedar para hacer sesion de fotos!!!

    PD: y quitale la pegata de McArthys que no hay que hacer más publicidad de la necesaria xD


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