Here is the new one

So after trying to sell my currently ’88 E30 sedan, I decided to save it somehow. Well, I’ve bought that white E30 Coupe in Alpina White, with IS front bumper, rear spoiler and some other cool things.  I gonna try to publish everything I do that car, whatever I do on it. I want to do things proper done but affordable obviously. As I gonna try to give him love to stay with for long. Car has A/C so I’ll be cool on summer hahaha driven it by the beach, wow sounds nice! Put the car back to road will a long task but I concerned about what I want now and stay for a time.

Car has no engine, no power steering pump, no air condition compressor, no front seats and sure that need something more. My other E30 will be the donor of the engine and seats so the soul is still there at least for a while.

Have fun!


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