Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 Part I

There are some pictures being showed up, from 2011 TAS. Watching that pictures and form my point of view something is being missing. Well VIP style is increasing but we like racing cars, real perfomance…and that VIP style is too much.

That Z is an exemple….wtf?

Some people left behind the classic VIP to get into more, I don’t know how really explain that is just because is too much for what we really like and what we can buy…

Obviously there are kinda good looking examples, anyway for me and most of friends, bloggers I think is not what we are looking for and is not what we want to see.

Drag style rear wing are increasing in popularity, and in fact it looks really nice on that S15.

Another shit using S2K…no words or comments

Being at that point you sure are asking yourself about real modifying cars, well they are.

Impressive RB26DET

Many Previa’s, and vans in general are showed this year…

Hold on…back to future? We are again in 2001 looking that examples…

They were our reference…what is wrong with the pure JDM?

So until now nothing really interesting at least for a jdm purist. I’ll be posting more pictures during next week.


3 thoughts on “Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 Part I

  1. Eso pasa por “ser tolerante” y “puede que a ti te guste el racing pero a el le gusta el tuning y es respetable”… BASURA TODO! Si se hubiera quemado el primer coche tunero a modo de ejemplo, ahora no estariamos asi.

    Creo que la T en TAS stands for “truñing”…

  2. madre mia me he quedado roto2 con el S2000!!

    Cada año se vuelven mas locos, estuve hace unos dias viendo las fotos de speedhunters y tambien eran del mismo palo, modificaciones extremas super feas!!

    Yo de los salones de automoviles que hay en japon prefiero el que viene justo despues de este, que no se como sellama ahora pero es solo de preparaciones puras y duras y algun que otro show c ar!


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