Changing myself

Something I’m thinking sometimes is why I’m using a nickname to call myself. Most of you don’t know my real name, but that is gonna be stopped since right know.

My name is Jose Manuel Lopez, so I will use Jose M. López when writing, commenting or drifting. That’s the beginning of being myself. Thanks you guys for reading everyday now you know something more about me.

He got the reason

Was posted on Superterrifichappycarblog and I think that post has to be more important that is till now. I gonna help you a bit if I can and let people know whats going on.

Is anyone original anymore when it comes to the whole car scene? It’s the same FUCKIN SHIT ALWAYS. Why don’t we make a generic car blog dedicated  to ugly Japanese men that drift. In this same shitty blog why don’t we post the same cars drifting

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