So…everything is ready

Tomorrow is the day. We will travel 500km return to keep learning. That’s the main factor. We got everything ready in the car so there won’t be surprises. Both cars, mine and Carlos’ S14 from ATJ Motor.

Track is in Jumilla (Murcia) will be cold around 12ºC .

The weather is something to worry, and not because the rain, rain is not a problem, but we gonna carry many tyres and if its wet will be wasted time.

We are 30 drivers for tomorrow, 10 for grip, 10 drivers as beginners and 10 drivers as amateur.  We gonna have turns of 15 minutes so we can rest half hour between each practice.

I have tight my handbrake, because last time wasn’t enoght for drift, so with new rear control arms, new alignament and my wideband working properly will a nice day. One of the questions I got is the tyre choice, I been drifting on 205/55 which is not wide enought I know but there is no money for more wheels. I’ve got 10 wheels for tomorrow with different sizes, from 205 to 245 which are best to take the control.

I’ve drifted those days on 205 and is very inconfortable, you can’t control your car as good as big tyres.

Well nothing more to say, I will post pictures and some vids as soon as people get back home and start working editing videos. Thanks for reading

List of entries:


·Kupa–> Mitsubishi Eclipse (PAGADO)
·Toca–> Seat Leon FR (PAGADO)
·Orelion–> Renault Clio Sport (PAGADO)
·Fitiracing–> Ford Escort RS (PAGADO)
·Cholo–> Suzuki Swift GTI (PAGADO)
·Mode–> Honda Civic EG6 (PAGADO)
·Nacho–> Honda Civic EG5 (PAGADO)
·Cimbrelitorc–> Seat Ibiza Cupra (PAGADO)
·Jorge Manzaneda–> Nissan Pulsar GT (PAGADO)
·Vicente–> Tiger (PAGADO)
·Todoaltura–> Honda Civic Coupe (PAGADO)
·Josep_enric–> Peugeot 205 Rallye (PAGADO)
·Julian–> Hyundai Accent Cup (PAGADO)

·Panxo–> Nissan s14.5 (PAGADO)
·Batou–> Nissan s14 (PAGADO)
·Dawid eg6–> Nissan s14a (PAGADO)
·Trost–> Nissan s14a (PAGADO)
·Neira–> Honda s2000 (PAGADO)
·Takahashi–> Nissan Skyline r32 (PAGADO)
·Fran–> Nissan s13 (PAGADO)


·Gasolino–> Honda s2000 (PAGADO)
·Bmwteam–> BMW 316 e30 (PAGADO)
·FJ–> BMW 318 e30 (PAGADO)
·Ruedacosworth–> Nissan s14a (PAGADO)
·Adri s14a–> Nissan s14a (PAGADO)
·Zombie535–> BMW 535 e39 (PAGADO)
·Marbelldet–> Nissan s13 (PAGADO)
·Miguel–> Mazda rx-8 (PAGADO)
·Xampa–> Mercedes CLK 230 (PAGADO)
·Joseluis–> BMW 535 e34 (PAGADO)
·Chol–> Mazda rx-7 FD (PAGADO)


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