Wheel opinion

I gonna order half set of wheels, just for front. The reason, there is no money for a full set. So I’m thinking in both models:


My first decision is to go ahead with Rota’s SVN which are Rays RE30 reps but I’m not too sure. Any other idea is welcome so feel free to help me.

12 thoughts on “Wheel opinion

  1. but yeah. i’d really roll on rota’s as temporary wheels if you are planning on getting those meisters than just roll on 2 pieces of meisters. 🙂

    i do believe that rota has meister copies as well, you may want to look on that one too. but that RE30 copy woul look nice on your R32 as well. again. rotas first, then meisters.. 😀

    its just more practical that way.

    1. Yes, definitly i’m not gonna take’em away or even put them for sale, they are forged and looks great with them but I want 18″ because I put my car road legal in my country with 18″ Can’t fit any other size for annual inspection.

  2. get the set of Rota’s. save up then buy the Real thing. Then use the rota’s on trackdays until it gets beat the heck out of it.

  3. Mi opinion queda entre las RE30 y las work emotion. No esas work.

    Y los colores obligados amarillo fosforito, naranaja o rosa chichle!!

    1. jajajajaja , si no no eres un “playhard” xD
      Va, fuck the cops, ET nulo que mando flancos, pero nada de estirar :nono1: perfilazos por siempre

  4. Atrás creo que ET12 va ha ser la medida, tengo que probar unas a ver donde quedan. Que en España no podemos llevar las llantas fuera de la carroceria…fuck cops

  5. Dificil!
    Pues “mejor” son las rays, ta claro, pero las work son mas malote spec, y masmola eso. Supongo que las rays pillaria.
    Buscando el cero de et lo demas ta bien :roto2:



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