RIP Zita Egitto

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This poor woman was killed by a 17 year old driving reckless in PA, but this article says it was from “drifting”. Please read the full article HERE. The real drift community would like to send our thoughts & prayers out to Zita’s friends & family. Below is the conversation between the writer of that uneducated piece & i…

Thomas : About the story you wrote, um sir/ ma’am, you have no clue what you’re talking about. Not even a little bit. That teen should be charged with vehicular homicide by reason of reckless driving, not “drifting”. The car he was driving was Front Wheel Drive, you cannot drift a front wheel drive car (successfully), only rear wheel drive. Drifting did not come from the Fast & Furious movies you douche bag. Dont write about what you dont know.

But, i do feel saddened that the woman lost her life because of a reckless teenager. Are there any race tracks near where this happened? If there was, i doubt he would of been doing stupid shit on the street. My condolences to the woman’s family. I hope that teen rots in prison.

Bonnie : Hi, Thomas, The teen was charged with vehicular homicide. In order to really drift, you need a limited slip differential. The kid’s car didn’t have one of them.

As far as where the drifting came from, who cares? It is here and this one kid killed a woman. That’s really the only thing that counts. I would guess that the kid will be in the juvie lockup for years.

Thomas : Yea, but the Term “drifting” should not of even been used in that article because it makes us real drifters that go to the track every month & follow the law on the public roads LOOK BAD! The public is going to hate us because of that purely written article!

Bonnie : Well, my only advice is to tell the District Attorney about your feelings. She issued the press release. What word do you believe is correct?

Thomas : Reckless Driving! Jesus, do i have to spell it out? I dont want to be mean but we are not like those ignorant teens that do that kind of thing on the street, but the public isn’t going to know the difference between us & them. All they are going to see are modified import cars & think we’re all old lady killers.

Bonnie : I doubt it. I see modified import cars, and don’t assume that at all.

Thomas : You might not, but lets be realistic, the general pubic is full of idiots. Like i said, this isn’t a personal attack on you, it just hurts our whole scene. It doesn’t look good for all the people that work their asses off to get legit & legal drift events at local tracks. That story just scares me because all it takes it a few rich uppity ups to make a public speech & get drift events shut down across the country.

Bonnie : Well, drifting is fine with professional drivers on racetracks. It’s just these teens who take it out on the roads that are the problem. You certainly can make that point.

Thomas : Doesn’t have to be done by professions even, there is a HUGE grassroots community that go to track events month by month & follow all the rules on the road. I know that article is going to start a problem, i just want to be the one who says “i told you so”.

Maybe the REAL drift community could come together & donate to the woman’s family & prove to the confused public that we are not the horrible people that they’ve read about in that article.

You should set up some sort of donation website.

*Waiting on reply.

Update : I contacted the District Attorney.

Boonie : Okay, Thomas, good luck to you and your fellow driving enthusiasts.

I guess she see’s that a donation website wouldn’t be in order to make up for all her journalistic mistakes. Hopefully the Egitto family understands.

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