How to move to US

I want and want to move to US. But doors are closed. Since two years or three ago I’m reading and reading about how to move and is always the same thing visas, visas and visas. Yeah you got the Green Card Lottery…just 50.000 Green cards with the lottery for a millions of people looking to get one.

I only can get the H1B Visa. And is only 50.000 visas each year. You have to get someone that give you a job and he has to apply for you. This is very difficult as you must know, nobody will give you a job as a mechanic if your are living 14000km away and even if you need a special visa to work. Not finish yet, if you find someone to get you a job…only 50.000 H1B visas a year are given.

So…This is nightmare for europeans.

In 16th of June a move to UK because is the only place I can move to work. I was trying to go Australia, NZ or US. But is almost the same doors are closed… what to do? Be an illegal? Marry someone else…? Yes I know I have to keep working, thinking and maybe taken risks to solve that step…

I need a time break…


17 thoughts on “How to move to US”

  1. Yea everyone is quite correct with life in America. It’s not what it seems to be. Memorable quote from you “Japanese gays love Europe and US.” this made me laugh. Why don’t you try coming here with a student visa then? You can go back to school for a year or something here if you want and take automechanic even though you’re a mechanic already.

  2. Heres what the U.S.A has…


    Hard as hell to find a job.

    Mean poor people.

    Mean rich people.

    Corrupt government.

    Crooked Politicians.

    Celebrity drug overdoses.

    Celebrity TV shows that make YOU want to overdose.


    Out of a each group of 30 people, you might find one person that’s cool.

    Strict vehicle laws, especially in CA.


    1. I got dancing on the ice, celebrity farm and old this fucking tV shows as well. Don’t worry I’m used to. I fact the world is almost the same in each country but with small variables…

      Well Nascar sucks….and is boring.

  3. I’d gladly move to EU anytime. US is nice but too many pompous, annoying people.

    I’d love to live in a cabin/house in the woods somewhere, secluded from civilization.
    It sounds strange but it appeals to me!

  4. If you ever manage to get here don’t whatever you do move to California. getting anything car related to pass is impossible. be that engine swaps. or even having a nice car. if you have tons of $ no problem. but if you have dreams, this is not the place to make them come true. it is however a nice place to make other peoples dreams come true. 😦

    1. In fact everybody want to be outside. You guys like Europe, Japanese gays love Europe and US. And from Europe we like US… We want what why haven’t got.


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